July 11


Eligible members should have received an email at the beginning of this month from electionsonline.us with a ballot for the 2013 ITE elections.

I chatted quite a bit with our vp candidates at the Midwestern ITE district meeting.  Thank you John and Jeff for spending time with me!  I also watched John's Video and Jeff's Video (I'm one of the less than 90 hits on their videos – ouch), read their brochures and listened to their stump speeches.

I need to start by saying both John and Jeff are fun guys to talk to, have impressive careers, are very devoted to ITE, and I believe both of them would do a fine job.  They are both very aware of my thoughts and were frustrated the ITE election rules didn't allow them to respond.  I'm glad we're nudging the conversation (tangent – I hope you filled out the survey ITE sent out).

I don't have a single thing I can point to, but my gut tells me Jeff will do a better job leading the changes I have been calling for.  Therefore I'm endorsing Jeff Arey for the 2013 International ITE Vice-President.  Whether or not you vote for Jeff, please vote by July 19th.


  • Hey Mike,
    Just a thought. Would you think a moderated candidate forum would be good to help people become aware of the candidates and who we are voting for? Perhaps say… something hosted with an online GoTo meeting or even Ventrilo?
    I know I’d be interested in hearing from the candidates and seeing how they respond to the tough questions/issues which lie ahead for both ITE and the Transportation Engineering profession.
    I doubt something could be organized and publicized by Friday, but something like that in the future would probably be a good idea just to help get more candidate exposure to the staff engineers who don’t necessarily get company-paid tickets to ITE conferences all the time.
    What do you think?

  • Adam – I love the idea, but its actually against the election rules. No online communication is allowed. I was even copied on an email that questioned if I should be allowed to write the above post (I broke no rules as far as I can tell). Why is ITE so archaic!?! Mike

  • Since your own statement says “I don’t have a single thing I can point to, but my gut tells me…” maybe you should refrain from endorsing a candidate.

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