May 27


Correction – It was pointed out to me Miovision still has the service listed on their website here.  A Miovision employee told me they were discontinuing the service and I didn’t find this link on my own.  I guess the service is still out there.  Wondering if it will go away soon or I misheard.  Sorry about the confusion.

About two years ago I wrote about Miovision’s On Demand Service.  Basically, they wanted to be a hub connecting consultants who needed traffic counts to Miovision users who could do the counts (and of course Miovision would take a cut for setting up the system and being the broker).

I was concerned that this wasn’t a good deal for the industry – too much consolidation that could squeeze out too many data collection firms.

I just learned that Miovision quietly took that service off their website and is no longer trying to broker traffic counting services.  Apparently they either got too much push back on the service from Miovision customers who weren’t in the service provider pool, nobody was really using the service, or a combination of these two.

This is a little turn in the industry I thought you’d like to know about.  I guess there’s still room for our COUNTkit.

  • This is too bad. I think this was a good service for our company. We used Miovision for several different studies and found them to be effective and reasonable from a cost stand point.

  • BTW, I was just able to log in to my account and they just annonced an update
    Traffic Data Online 14.1
    Version: 14.1
    Release Date: May 28, 2014


    Traffic Data Online 14.1 features valuable configuration options to give you more comprehensive data, including a Right Turn on Red add-on, customised classifications, and two new pedestrian and bicycle study types. Enhancements to study annotation and export options also provide greater clarity in configuration and flexibility when working with your data.

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