November 29


Miovision Special – 10% Off at

By Mike Spack

November 29, 2011

Miovision Turning movement counting with video

Starter Package 40
I didn't want to get lost in the clutter of Cyber Monday, so I'm going with Thankful Tuesday.  Type in "Miovision" as the coupon code at to get 10% off the following turning movement count solutions:

Miovision has a good system if you want to completely outsource your turning movement counting and can afford their rates.  Our system is a much more cost effective way to use video though – allowing you to utilize your own staff, keep control of your videos, control when the counting gets done, and reduce your OVERALL expenses by more than 50%.

With the system, you video the intersection (up to 40 hours with the COUNTcam 40 or 120 hours with the COUNTcam 120 – clever naming, I know), you watch the video with PC-TAS video viewer/counting software, and you do the count with the COUNTpad (do up to four classificaitons, bikes, peds, and u-turns as well as the standard movements). 

The killer features of the PC-TAS/COUNTpad system are:

  • the FASTER/SLOWER toggles so your people can be extremeley efficient while staying accurate
  • the PAUSE button so you can take a break (anyone who's counted in the field will see the genious of being able to take a bathroom break)
  • the SAVE/CONTINUE feature so you can stop midcount at the end of the day and come right back to the second you left off the next day
  • count during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from the comfort of your office

Go to to check out our different products.  Please email me at or call me at 952.926.0916 if you have any questions about our products (including our rental/demo services).

Note – the "Miovision" code is good through the end of 2011.  Thanks!

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