Miovision Special – 10% Off at www.CountingCars.com

Starter Package 40
I didn't want to get lost in the clutter of Cyber Monday, so I'm going with Thankful Tuesday.  Type in "Miovision" as the coupon code at www.CountingCars.com to get 10% off the following turning movement count solutions:

Miovision has a good system if you want to completely outsource your turning movement counting and can afford their rates.  Our system is a much more cost effective way to use video though – allowing you to utilize your own staff, keep control of your videos, control when the counting gets done, and reduce your OVERALL expenses by more than 50%.

With the CountingCars.com system, you video the intersection (up to 40 hours with the COUNTcam 40 or 120 hours with the COUNTcam 120 – clever naming, I know), you watch the video with PC-TAS video viewer/counting software, and you do the count with the COUNTpad (do up to four classificaitons, bikes, peds, and u-turns as well as the standard movements). 

The killer features of the PC-TAS/COUNTpad system are:

  • the FASTER/SLOWER toggles so your people can be extremeley efficient while staying accurate
  • the PAUSE button so you can take a break (anyone who's counted in the field will see the genious of being able to take a bathroom break)
  • the SAVE/CONTINUE feature so you can stop midcount at the end of the day and come right back to the second you left off the next day
  • count during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from the comfort of your office

Go to www.CountingCars.com to check out our different products.  Please email me at mspack@countingcars.com or call me at 952.926.0916 if you have any questions about our products (including our rental/demo services).

Note – the "Miovision" code is good through the end of 2011.  Thanks!

Mike Spack