September 15


Miovision Update

By Mike Spack

September 15, 2008

Mike from Nova Scotia emailed me asking about my recent experience with the Miovision traffic counting equipment.  They have been using the equipment successfully for a few weeks, but here are a few questions from Mike with my answers.

1.  Any more accuracy testing?
We have not done any more accuracy testing, but we did a recent eight hour count (2 pm to 10 pm) at a single lane roundabout within a casino property.  We also did a matching eight hour count manually at the county road entrance into the casino.  There are no access points between the two intersections.  Over the eight hour period we had a 2% variance in volumes that should be going between the two intersections.  Not scientific, but anecdotally good results.

2.  We are having fogging issues with the lens, how about you?
We had a little rain that evening and the lens did fog up.  Miovision was able to process the video and send us good data.  Hopefully they will send me the new camera housing they have been promising for a few months, which is supposed to correct that issue.

3.  We are having trouble transporting multiple units because they are so heavy, how about you?
I have been using the 180 pounds of weight on the video tripod system.  One system weights about 300 pounds.  It is heavy and awkward (although I am still surprised by how quickly setup and take down goes).  Transporting is an issue for us too.  I am hopeful for the next model.  It is meant to be strapped to a pole or sign instead of being a standalone tripod.

4.  How about any issues with security of the units?
We have had zero problems with tampering of the tripod video system.

Please add your two cents if you have Miovision experience.

  • We have been using the Miovision Scout at MDT for about 6 mo. It has enabled us to get multiple intersections at the same time for signal coordination and warrant issues. The only accuracy checks we’ve done have shown up to a 1% variance.
    We never had the tripod but the single telescoping mast that straps to a pole has worked really well.
    All of the little technical issues we’ve run into have had a fix including the firmware updates.
    The only other issue could be image quality for those few times when there wasn’t a close pole to strap too and we had to be farther from the intersection than desired.

  • Great feedback Mark. The consensus seems to be that Miovision works. Several of their users have switched to the system because of pricing. Any insight on the costs you can share (hardware plus ongoing service fees)?

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