January 25


Miovision has been processing vehicle turning movement count data from video files for more than a decade.  They are the industry leader and enjoy a good reputation for delivering accurate data within the deadlines they promise.  Miovision has a user-friendly dashboard/reporting system and beautiful marketing materials.

The issue is the premium prices they charge.  Miovision doesn’t post their fees online, but this draft public contract between Miami-Dade County, Florida, and Miovision from November 2019 helps us understand Miovision's processing fees.

Based on the quoted $22.75/hour, it appears the standard 13-hour turning movement count (6 am to 7 pm to get both peak periods) would cost about $300 from Miovision. countCLOUD charges $99 for the same 13-hour count while including pedestrian/bicycle data and passenger/heavy vehicle classification. 

countCLOUD has only been around for five years and our system isn’t as beautiful as Miovision’s, but you still get 95%+ accurate count data back within three days of uploading your video. 

If you’re tired of paying Miovision too much for converting video into transportation data, check out Spack Solutions’ affordable countCLOUD service to save more than 65% on your turning movement counts. 

Here’s how countCLOUD works and here’s where you can easily order countCLOUD counts with transparent prices.

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