June 22


Mitigation Management Using Vistro

By Mike Spack

June 22, 2016

Level of Service, mitigation, PTV North America, signal timing optimization, traffic data, video, Vistro Software

vistrovideo screenshotThroughout the year, we have shared our insights on PTV’s Vistro modeling software. While we use a variety of modeling tools for our traffic study projects, we have found that Vistro meets most of our project needs and it’s our ‘go to’ modeling software.

Recently a client contacted us regarding how we use the Vistro software for mitigation on a particular project.  In the following 15-minute video study, we review a busy commuter route where a new school is being developed. This route has signals at each end and multiple access points to the major road. In Vistro we review our a.m. and p.m. peak scenarios while also considering near term and long term scenarios. In the video we’ll walk you through how we analyze a Level of Service data table to determine any necessary traffic changes and we’ll discuss a variety of scenarios to optimize signal timing.

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[youtube id=”cSUUwNx4BlU”]

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