August 3


We've recently upgraded the design on the COUNTcam.  It includes a 9 pin connector now for both the battery charger and the cable to the camera.  This is a lot sleaker and I'm pretty proud of the upgrade.

We're also able to offer a powersave mode now on the COUNTcams – You can program the COUNTcam to shut off when a counting period is done and start back up a few minutes before the next recording interval.  This extends the usefulness of the COUNTcam unit.  The COUNTcam 40 still records up to 40 hours of video.  Without the powersave mode, this meant 40 straight hours of recording on the COUNTcam 40 (or 120 hours on the COUNTcam 120).  Now you can stretch those 40 hours out to do 12 or 13 hour videos on several days during a week on a single battery charge.  This makes the $1,499 COUNTcam 40 an even better bargain for most applications.

Here are couple of snapshots.  The professional pictures (which these clearly aren't) will be back in a few weeks and posted on the store at  


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