December 8


New Duct Tape for Tube Counts

By Mike Spack

December 8, 2010

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Tape A couple of years ago I wrote about how much we like Gorilla Tape for securing our tubes to the road.  Ryan Elliott from URS in Indiana let me know they've found an alternative – Polyken 231 Military Grade Duct Tape.  I ordered a case and it looks great, but we haven't been able to use it yet due to the cold/snowy/wet winter (we use nylon straps and nails to secure the middle of the tubes in cold weather). 

Polyken 231 appears to be the same quality duct tape as Gorilla Tape at about 2/3 the price (can be even cheaper if you buy big quantities).  Check out this link at for Polyken 231 Military Grade Duct Tape.  Thanks Ryan for the tip!

  • Was flicking through some posts and fortunately stumbled across yours – as we are an industrial company selling safety workwear we are always looking into new ways to improve efficiency. And this clearly provides us with some benefit. Thanks!

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