April 24


New Parking Generation Data for Uses Not in ITE’s Parking Generation Report

By Mike Spack

April 24, 2018

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By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE


As a follow-up to our comparison post Building the Right Amount of Parking Stalls between the parking generation data from TripGeneration.org vs. ITE’s Parking Generation, 4th Edition, here are average peak parking rates for fourteen land uses that aren’t in ITE’s dataset.  Enjoy!

Average Peak Parking Rates

Land Use

Rate in

Vehicles per:

Average Peak Rate

Storage Units Storage Units 0.02
Charter School Students 0.19
Public Works KSF 0.51
Hotel Dwelling Units 0.57
Delivery Distribution Center KSF 0.80
Student Housing Dwelling Units 0.81
City Hall KSF 1.14
Dollar Store KSF 1.79
Urgent Care-Emergency Room KSF 1.83
Gas Station w/Carwash & Market Fueling Positions 2.45
Small Box Store KSF 2.71
Car Wash Wash Stalls 9.00
Fast Casual Restaurant KSF 10.13
Marijuana Dispensary KSF 12.53

Visit TripGeneration.org to get our full parking data set.

Are you conducting a traffic study and in need of some equipment? We are looking for people to help collecting trip generation data particularly for urgent care-emergency room, marijuana dispensary, delivery distribution center, and fast casual restaurants. If you have an upcoming traffic study for any of these land uses (or others) we would like to hear from you. We have a limited number of data collection equipment that we will lend you for your study in exchange for sharing the data with TripGeneration.org.  We will even help you count the data you collect! Email sales@countingcars.com for more information.


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  • I need to know the comparision between a self-storage project and a warehouse. They want me to pay warehouse traffic fees and I know we do not produce that type of volume. can you help?

  • You’ll need to locally collect trip generation if you want to fight it, but we aren’t in a position to help you with that.

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