June 24


New Turning Movement Count System – COUNTpad/PC-TAS from CountingCars.com

By Mike Spack

June 24, 2011

Turning Movement Counts Miovision COUNTpad PC-TAS www.countingcars.com

I alluded to our new turning movement count system in my post about 48 hour turning movement counts.  Below is a video that shows the complete office system (please forgive the shakiness).  This system has more than cut our labor costs in half over the last nine months. 

It's a very viable alternative to Jamar's count boards (more efficient than counting in the field) and Miovision (less costly because you own the system and aren't paying by the hour plus you get to keep all of the videos as .avi files on your system).  They're both still good companies, but the COUNTpad system provides a new third way to keep the billable time in your office while improving efficiency.

For site CountingCars-Mirror I'm also announcing my new online store CountingCars.com where we're selling this system, our COUNTcam portable video recording system, and all of the components we use in our data collection business.  I've partnered with Vehicle Counts to sell their PicoCount 2500 tube counter, which I've written about before. 

I'll be adding more (less shaky – I promise) videos at CountingCars.com showing how we install all of our equipment.  We have quite a few tricks to share.  Enjoy and stay tuned!



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