November 14


Driveway Traffic Counting System Only $449

By Mike Spack

November 14, 2013

traffic data collection, tube counter

Driveway Counter l Neighborhood traffic counts l Automatically count cars with the easy-to-use NanoCountWe’re excited to launch our new Nano Count 1000 tube counter.  It’s a cost-effective, “totalizer” style tube counter.  No computer needed.

How it works:

  1. Drive a nail into each side of the drive through lane.
  2. Stretch a rubber tube between the nails and strap it down with rope loops.
  3. Plug the counter into the tube and turn the counter on.
  4. Lock down the counter.

That’s it! Setup takes less than five minutes.  The counter will record cars for up to six months on a single, replaceable watch battery.  You can buy the complete package here (comes with counter, nails, straps, tube, chain, and lock – you need to supply the hammer).

This package is also great if you need to do just a volume count on a residential street.  If you need to slice your data into minutes, hours, and/or days OR get the data by direction, classification, and/or speeds – our PicoCount 2500 is still the most cost-effective model available.

p.s.  Thanks for putting up with this salesy post.  Back to our normal programming next week!

p.s.s. Buy road tubes for only $19.99! You can do so by clicking here.

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