Meet Max Moreland – Professional Engineer

Advice on How to Pass the Civil Tranportation PE Exam

Max Moreland has worked with me and the Traffic Data Inc. (TDI) and Spack Consulting team for more than four years and has written a number of posts on Mike On Traffic. Recently he passed his PE exam, and I thought this would be the perfect time introduce you to Max. What people may not […]

Endorsement for ITE International Vice-President: Shawn Leight

If you’re an ITE member, today is your chance to vote for our next international vice-president.  Jimmy Lin and Shawn Leight are the two candidates. Mr. Lin has a very impressive background as a business owner, ITE member and elected official.  However, Shawn Leight has just as impressive a resume AND his involvement within ITE makes […]

Haystack App Tries to “Sell” Public Parking – Shut Down by City of Boston

Haystack was a start-up app that connected people looking for an on-street parking spot with people leaving their parking spot.  Once  Vehicle A took over the spot from Vehicle B, Vehicle A paid Vehicle B and Haystack took a little commission. Planet Money did a four minute podcast about Haystack being shutdown and the Boston […]

Traffic Adaptive System Is Having Growing Pains

InSync Traffic Camera and Firmware Updates Coming Soon

Two years ago I wrote a very positive post about Rhythm Engineering’s InSync Traffic Adaptive signal control system.  I still believe traffic adaptive signal control is the future and that traffic engineers should not be doing signal timing plans in 20 years. I’ve talked to several people in the industry with knowledge about the InSync System […]

Pedestrian Counts with Video Technology

A data collection case study of how video technology saves time and reduces cost for pedestrian counts.

A city engineer contacted us about a pedestrian project they were working on with the police department to increase awareness about pedestrian safety at crosswalks. The challenge they faced was accurately determining the number of pedestrians that cross the street at twenty locations in the city. I wrote a complete case study on how we used […]

Midwestern ITE District Elections

I received my electronic ballot last night for voting in this year’s Midwestern ITE District election.  Unfortunately, the system won’t let me go back to pull up bios and the district doesn’t have the candidate information on its website. John Davis and Richard Coakley are running for the director position on the international board of […]

Nancy Crowe is the New Vice-President of Marketing for

Nancy Crowe has recently joined “Spack Enterprises” (, Spack Consulting, Traffic Data Inc, and Spack Academy) as our vice president of marketing.  She brings almost twenty years of varied marketing experience to our team. We’ve had her doing counting stuff the last couple of weeks to help her get a feel for what our clients […]

New Minnesota Signal Timing Law

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE & Vice-President of Spack Consutling As part of the Transportation Bill signed into law last week in Minnesota, the text contained language regarding “Traffic Signal Timing Optimization.” Effective as of May 23, 2015, the road authority must complete an inventory of traffic signals (submitted on or before December […]

Operation Sign Harvest

Mark Ray, the public works director/city engineer for the city of Crystal, MN, told me about this fantastic program he developed.  Officially the city council approved the “Traffic Sign Liability Reduction Program,” but the public works guys call it “Operation Sign Harvest.” Mark himself goes out and takes signs down that are unnecessary and throws […]