Just Another Pedestrian Killed

Chuck Marohn posted a very interesting reaction to a 7 year old girl being killed by a drunk driver in front of a library in Springfield, MA.  This has been a hot topic on the internal ITE Forum.  Here are my thoughts – State Street in front of the library looks like a pretty classic candidate […]

County to County USA Commuter Data Matrix

AirSage is coming out with a new FREE dataset that regional transportation planners should find useful.  Basically, they’re providing origin/destination commuter data between every county in the U.S.  You can read more about this dataset and sign up to be a beta reviewer of the data HERE.  (as a beta reviewer you get to look […]

Shallow Tunnels Solve Suburban Congestion

Imagine this new configuration for minor arterial corridors that carry 30,000 to 50,000 vehicles per day – Build single lane roundabouts every quarter mile at collector or minor-arterial junctions Build a shallow tunnel that provides a through lane in each direction for passenger vehicles only that goes underneath the roundabout on the minor arterial corridor […]

The Future of the Institute of Transportation Engineers

ITE is undergoing a massive change this summer.  Shawn Leight, the District 4 Director to the international board, told me Tom Brahms (Executive Director) and Phil Caruso (Deputy Executive Director) are retiring this summer.  Pete Frentz retired last year as the other Deputy Executive Director.  I thought there was a chance Aliyah Horton (Associate Executive […]

How States and Cities Count Bicycling and Walking

The Alliance for Biking & Walking put together a 2014 Benchmarking Report for Walking & Bicycling in the United States.  You can read a summary HERE. Minneapolis, Minnesota is very high in the rankings for collecting bicycling and walking data, which is an outgrowth of their strategic goal to improve as a multi-modal city. I’m […]

Introducing Bulletproof Road Tubes

We worked with different rubber tube manufacturers this past summer to develop a new tube to use with our Pico 2500 tube counters (as well as all of the other tube counters on the market).  We weren’t unhappy with our last supplier, but wondered if we could do better. We did a lot of testing this summer at […]

Mike Spack Awarded NCITE’s 2014 Transportation Professional of the Year

  I was surprised (as evidenced by my poor acceptance speech) and humbled to be honored as the North Central Section of ITE’s Transportation Professional of the Year at last night’s annual meeting.   This is a big deal to me – NCITE represents 400+ transportation professionals across Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  It’s great to be […]

Washington State DOT Forecasts Vehicle Miles Traveled Will Continue to Decrease

The Washington State DOT just published The 2014 Corridor Capacity Report and the Washington Transportation Revenue Forecast Council published their Transportation Economic and Revenue Forecasts.  This is not newsworthy, but the forecasts buried in these documents are remarkable.  Below is their revised Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) forecast. This is the first state DOT revised forecast I […]