Traffic Impact Study Improvements: Part 5 – When is a Trip Not a Trip?

How to Determine Trip Generation Types

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE, Vice President at Spack Consulting Earlier this year, I detailed how our standard process for a Traffic Impact Study has several points of assumptions at best or guesses at worst. This post continues that discussion.  Check out the “Top 6 Ways to Pick Apart a Traffic Study” for […]

Spack Enterprise Office Tour

I’ve been posting articles to my blog since 2007, sharing my traffic engineering best practices, opinions on the transportation industry and yes, even a little engineering humor. Today,  I am excited to provide you with a tour of the Spack Enterprise office space, and an opportunity to meet the team of people that make it […]

Max Moreland for NCITE Director

I just received an email with my NCITE ballot.  One thing they didn’t include with the email were the bios.  You can check them out here. If you’re an NCITE member, I encourage you to vote in general, but I strongly encourage you to vote for Max Moreland whose worked with me for five years […]

Free Spreadsheet Tool for Analyzing School Pick-Up Zones

We’ve developed traffic control plans for several schools recently.  This includes analyzing parking, bus loading zones, and loading zones for kids driven to school. To the best of our ability, we try to separate these three areas and minimize the pedestrian/vehicle conflict points. An open question related to traffic control plans is how much storage […]

Hyperloops – the Future of Transportation?

Changing Transportation Needs Are Driving Alternative Transportation Methods

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE, Vice President at Spack Consulting October 21, 2015 is almost here. For Back to the Future fans, that date is obviously the one where Marty and Doc Brown arrive in the future. In the movie, the future has flying cars, hoverboards, and Mr. Fusion – your home energy […]

What fires are you battling at the office?

Tell us what your #1 challenge you are facing at work

Over the next coming weeks I’d like to do something a little bit different, I thought it would be fun to ask my readers what they want to learn more about. If you could take just 5 minutes and tell me what is your single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with at your work right […]

5 Traffic-Related Mistakes to Avoid when Developing Convenience Stores

Making Convenience Stores Convenient

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE, Vice President at Spack Consulting Convenience stores are expected to be exactly that – convenient. Take a look at various convenience stores, gas stations, and similar developments and you are likely to see some common themes about their location: highly visible locations, directly adjacent to a very busy […]

Meet Me at PTV Vision Traffic User Group Meeting

Mike Spack to Present "How Vistro is Improving Our Traffic Studies"

Join me on October 13th and 14th at the 16th North America PTV Vision Traffic User Group Meeting in Portland, Oregon. This year I will be sharing my insights on “How Vistro is Improving Our Traffic Studies.” Click the link to view information about this year’s meeting. Send me an email at if you are planning […]