Traffic Count Trick – Oil Your Padlocks

Tom Sachi from SRF Consulting Group was telling us about a big problem they had with their tube counters out at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport. The airport uses so much salt on the roads that SRF’s padlocks end up corroding/sticking and they couldn’t get them open this winter. They had to cut their chains […]

Documenting the Effectiveness of Travel Demand Management Measures

Case Study on TDM Plans in Reducing Traffic Generation and Peak Parking Demand

A number of  years ago we conducted a study documenting the effectiveness of travel demand management (TDM) plans in reducing peak hour traffic generation and peak parking demand in six office complexes in Minnesota. We’ve since updated and expanded that study. The study analyzed traffic and parking at nine sites in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan […]

You Are Invited: The Future of Trip Generation Data Webinar

You’re invited to attend a free webinar to learn about what’s wrong with ITE’s Trip Generation Manual and what we’re doing about it with our free data set. Join myself and Bryant Ficek, Vice President of Spack Consulting as we discuss using local trip generation data, video and tube data collection, and more. This […]

How Long Should a Valet Parking Zone Be?

This article originally appeared on my blog in August of 2014. We regularly get inquiries on this topic so, I thought it would be appropriate to share our findings again. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know I am passionate about the need to collect local trip generation data and […]

How to Train Your Young Engineer/Intern

In my experience, starting a new job meant the following script:  fill out payroll/benefits paperwork, find my cube, get setup on phone/computer, and meet the team.  Then my boss would loosely throw me into working on projects.  It took weeks to months to get comfortable and I often felt like I was bothering my boss […]

Top 10 Things You Hear at a Public Meeting and How to Prepare for Them

Strategies for Successfully Navigating Public Meetings

Last fall I surveyed my bog readers and asked what they were experiencing as their biggest work challenge. Many of you expressed that you frequently need to participate in public meetings. These meetings often generate many questions, concerns and even complaints from the public. And occasionally these meetings can get heated. My staff and I […]

Calculating Intersection Sight Distance in Neighborhoods

The City of Bloomington, Minnesota has the most proactive traffic engineering department I know of.  They review the traffic related police reports once per week and keep their own dataset of reported traffic incidents (many of which don’t have the severity to make it into the official state crash database).  They also have a proactive […]

City Uses Video to Show ADT Levels

Mark Ray, Crystal, Minnesota City Engineer and Public Works Director, put his COUNTcams to great use in educating his council members.  He put together the video below to show how busy roads are during the p.m. peak hour with ADTs of 19,000 vehicles per day, 8,000 vpd, 700 vpd, and 100 vpd.  Note – the […]

Key Learnings from a Week Long Traffic Count

Guest Post by Max Moreland, PE Director of Operations at Traffic Data Inc. Last summer, Traffic Data Inc. (TDI) was contacted about gathering traffic data near a warehouse in suburban Minneapolis. Construction was necessary behind the warehouse and the only access to the land was through the warehouse parking lot. Naturally, the warehouse owner was concerned […]

48 Volt DC Traffic Signal?

There was a post a while ago on the ITE bulletin board wondering if anyone knows of a working 48 volt DC traffic signal system.  None were identified, but Pete Yauch (I believe to be one of the nation’s leading signal engineer who works at Albeck Gerken) likes the idea and pointed out these advantages: […]