Story of a Road Diet Success

Jason Carder, P.E. from Mattern & Craig was kind enough to reach out to me about a great success story after he read our post on Two Way Left Turn Lanes.  Jason worked on converting the main arterial through downtown Kingsport, Tennessee from a four lane to a three lane corridor with bike lanes.  Travel […]

ASCE Webinar | “Citizen Traffic-Related Requests: A Correspondence Guide for Working with Residents”

ASCE Continuing Education and ASCE’s Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) Presents Citizen Traffic-Related Requests: A Correspondence Guide for Working with Residents – A Live ASCE Webinar You’re invited to attend the Citizen Traffic-Related Requests: A Correspondence Guide for Working with Residents webinar. Join Bryant Ficek, P.E., PTOE, M.ASCE, and Vice-President at Spack Consulting as he discusses […]

Complete Streets: Influencing Planning While Vehicles Remain Supreme

Guest post by Jonah Finkelstein, EIT Spack Consulting. This is the first in in a multi-part series regarding Complete Streets. In 2010, Minnesota Governor (at the time) Tim Pawlenty signed a transportation policy bill which included a new state Complete Streets Policy. As defined by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), “Complete Streets” is an […]

Meet Me at NATMEC 2016

Improving Traffic Data Collection, Analysis, and Use

Join me on Sunday, May 1st – 4th at the 2016 NATMEC show at the Hyatt Regency Miami, in Miami, FL. will be exhibiting at the show and we would love to meet our readers and customers and swap traffic engineering stories. We have a limited number of guest passes for to attend the exhibitor […]

Vistro Networking for Small Groups

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE, Vice President at Spack Consulting. As we have written about before, we use PTV’s Vistro for the vast majority of our projects. Currently, we have two licenses for the software. With three engineers using the software regularly, and another using it occasionally, you can image the potential headaches of […]

Miovision’s Spectrum – Cost-Effective Solution to Bring Remote Communication to Traffic Signal Systems

To be honest, I didn’t get the Spectrum system when Roman from Miovision showed it to me at the ITE Western District meeting last summer.  Not only didn’t I get it, but I thought the approximately $5,000 price tag was shocking for what I thought of as an internet router (it uses 4g/LTE communications). I received an […]

Traffic Count Trick – Oil Your Padlocks

Tom Sachi from SRF Consulting Group was telling us about a big problem they had with their tube counters out at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport. The airport uses so much salt on the roads that SRF’s padlocks end up corroding/sticking and they couldn’t get them open this winter. They had to cut their chains […]

Documenting the Effectiveness of Travel Demand Management Measures

Case Study on TDM Plans in Reducing Traffic Generation and Peak Parking Demand

A number of  years ago we conducted a study documenting the effectiveness of travel demand management (TDM) plans in reducing peak hour traffic generation and peak parking demand in six office complexes in Minnesota. We’ve since updated and expanded that study. The study analyzed traffic and parking at nine sites in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan […]

You Are Invited: The Future of Trip Generation Data Webinar

You’re invited to attend a free webinar to learn about what’s wrong with ITE’s Trip Generation Manual and what we’re doing about it with our free data set. Join myself and Bryant Ficek, Vice President of Spack Consulting as we discuss using local trip generation data, video and tube data collection, and more. This […]

How Long Should a Valet Parking Zone Be?

This article originally appeared on my blog in August of 2014. We regularly get inquiries on this topic so, I thought it would be appropriate to share our findings again. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know I am passionate about the need to collect local trip generation data and […]