New Minnesota Signal Timing Law

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE & Vice-President of Spack Consutling As part of the Transportation Bill signed into law last week in Minnesota, the text contained language regarding “Traffic Signal Timing Optimization.” Effective as of May 23, 2015, the road authority must complete an inventory of traffic signals (submitted on or before December […]

Operation Sign Harvest

Mark Ray, the public works director/city engineer for the city of Crystal, MN, told me about this fantastic program he developed.  Officially the city council approved the “Traffic Sign Liability Reduction Program,” but the public works guys call it “Operation Sign Harvest.” Mark himself goes out and takes signs down that are unnecessary and throws […]

Road Congestion Relief: How Engineers are Fighting Traffic

Infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Below is an infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about road congestion and how our profession is working on it.  I like infographics in general and this one has some interesting data. I do wonder about the forecasts though.  Some of the references are two to three years old.  As I wrote about half a […]

Transportation Insider Paniati Named new ITE Executive Director

FHWA Executive Director Jeff Paniati named New Executive Director of the Institute of Transportation Engineers

ITE President John Kennedy just announced Jeff Paniati has been named the new Executive Director of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  According to the press release, Jeff has been involved with ITE for most of his 32 year career and FHWA is recognized as having a very good work environment. I don’t know Mr. Paniati and […]

Controversy in Lindstrom MN Over Street Sign Standards

About a month ago, small Lindström, MN made the New York Times over a sign in town. Lindström is very proud of it’s Swedish heritage (they have a very good bakery) and they are the sister city to Tingsryd, Sweden.  MnDOT replaced the signs entering town and did not include the double dots above the “ö”, […]

Top 6 Ways to Pick Apart a Traffic Study

Guest Post by Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE, Vice-President at Spack Consulting Most, and should be all, traffic engineers will readily admit our standard process for preparing Traffic Impact Studies has several points of assumptions, estimates, or flat-out guesses. Here are the Top 6 Areas a reviewer could focus on to pick apart a Traffic Impact Study: Traffic […]

New Traffic Counting Manual 2.0

Two years ago we published the Traffic Counting Manual eBook. It was a great success with more than 1,000 folks downloading and using it. We’ve decided to update the manual to cover our evolving industry and to incorporate great feedback we’ve received in the last two years. The Traffic Counting Manual 2.0 lays out how we do data […]

Announcing New COUNTpro Software and COUNTpad 2

We’re excited to announce we’ve enhanced the PC-TAS/COUNTpad 2 system!  Based on feedback from our customers as well as our own counting staff, we redesigned our best selling product with improved functionality.  We’ve also given PC-TAS a new name – COUNTpro. New Features of the COUNTpro – COUNTpad 2 Manual Video Counting System Redesigned PC-TAS […]