Analyzing Pedestrian and Bike Systems

The Highway Capacity Manual made a leap forward with the 2010 Edition including multi-modal level of service.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s being widely implemented.  No one seems interested in paying us to use it in Minnesota even though agencies are progressive with our multi-modal systems. Madeline Brozen has an interesting article in the ITE Journal about applying Charlotte, North […]

Introducing Spack’s Traffic Industry Research Briefs

Over to the right on the blog you’ll notice our new giveaway is a series of Research Briefs. We’ll send out a new brief to subscribers of the blog about every 3-5 weeks. These briefs will be 2-page documents that cover a certain item in our industry (such as access management, diverging diamond interchanges, traffic signal […]

Response to “St. Louis Park says MnDOT is ignoring huge traffic headaches”

MnDOT is widening Highway 100 and replacing several bridges in St. Louis Park near my house and our office.  They closed the Minnetonka Boulevard interchange and have removed the whole bridge.  This will allow them to complete the interchange reconstruction in about six months vs. taking a year or more if they were to rebuild it […]

Ideas for New Traffic Counting Products?

Don Gettner at Ridge Engineering sent me a couple of interesting emails related to the price of technology.  Don is the programmer behind our PC-TAS counting program and he has been in the traffic counting industry for more than 30 years (working different stints at Jamar, Diamond, and I believe Miovision among other companies). His first […]

Left Turn Lane Design Factors

Left turn lanes are exclusive turning lanes that allow for a left turn movement to occur outside of the through lane. They are arguably the best strategy a traffic engineer can employ because of the large safety and capacity benefits they provide versus the relatively low cost to build them. Both a road’s capacity and safety […]

Using SimCity in Transportation Planning Curriculum

“If you’re having traffic problems I feel bad for your son/I’m a traffic engineer and I made you a guide.”  That’s the lead in to the post How To Traffic about how a traffic engineer built a SimCity that has no congestion.  He did it by applying generally accepted transportation planning practices. I helped teach the civil […]

Review of Trip Generation Handbook, 3rd Edition

Guest Post from Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE – Vice-President of Spack Consulting It’s long and academic, but I finally managed to read through the 3rd Edition of ITE’s Trip Generation Handbook. Published just last year in August, this updated manual provides guidance on the use of and how to collect trip generation information. As the […]

Video of Crazy Traffic in the Middle East

One of our COUNTcloud customers sent in some insane videos from Saudi Arabia for us to count.  I’ve seen videos of grid lock and videos of people weaving all over, but this is a new one for me. Drivers are hopping curbs and going the wrong way on the road to jump queues.  Us Americans can complain about […]