Buddhist Temple Case: Traffic Study for a Special Event

We’ve been contacted by an architect whose designing a modest expansion to a Buddhist Center that’s located on a secluded site outside of the metro area.  The center has submitted an application to slightly expand their building and its been brought up that they hold a couple of events a year on Saturdays that draw a […]

Loup is to Transit what Uber is to Taxis

I stumbled on Loup a couple of weeks ago.  Recode.net had the perfect headline describing it- “Loup: The Love Child of Uber and a Bus Service.” Loup provides larger vehicles on a fixed route and you book your seat via an app.  This allows them to provide significantly cheaper pricing than Uber because they’re increasing the […]

Announcing the New COUNTcloud Service that Counts your Videos for You

Since we started CountingCars.com, people have been asking us if we’ll count their videos.  Over the last six months we’ve built up a network of contractors who use our COUNTpad/PC-TAS system (including our folks at Traffic Data Inc).  I’m excited to announce the launch of our new COUNTcloud service! Learn more about our new outsourced turning […]

The Institute of Transportation Engineers should buy Streetlytics

Streetlytics is a mapping tool that provides detailed historical traffic data across the United States broken down by: Daily traffic volumes Peak hour traffic volumes Traffic volumes by demographics of households (age, income, size) Road saturation index Travel type, including origin and destination pairs Their service appears to aggregate publicly available data.  They don’t cover the […]

Traffic Data Inc 2015 Price List

Below is Traffic Data Inc’s data collection price list for 2015.  Please note, we’re not focused on being a nationwide data collection firm but are happy to work on projects in the Midwest (especially Minnesota and Wisconsin). We provide this price list to our clients so they can plug in our pricing without needing to contact us […]

Case Study: Mini-Roundabout in Minnesota

As the name implies, mini-roundabouts are roundabouts that are smaller than the typical sized roundabout.  The inscribed circle diameter of a typical roundabout is 132 feet.  The mini-roundabout is supposed to have a diameter of less than 90 feet so it can fit inside a standard intersection. The idea is that these mini-roundabouts should be […]

How to Set Up a Road Tube Counter

We’ve been working on beefing up a site around road tube counters.  Check out our Road Tube Setup – A How-To Guide to see our tips/tricks. Let me know if you think there are things we should add or clarify. It’s written for the PicoCount 2500, but the information can be applied to any tube […]

ITE Trip Generation Results in Phantom Trips?

At least that’s the thesis of Adam Millard-Ball in an article posted on Access titled Phantom Trips.  I agree with him that if one was going to use the trip generation rates in ITE’s Trip Generation Manual as the foundation for regional traffic forecasts, you would be significantly over-estimating the traffic in the region.  You could use ITE […]