June 24


The electronic ballot for the 2015 International ITE Vice-President and President comes out on June 27th (check your inbox and spam filter).  The last few elections have been close with relatively low turnout – every vote matters!

Both Vice-Presidential candidates (Ray Davis and Paula Benway) have impressive resumes and have given tremendous service at every level within ITE.  (The presidential election is a formality, electing the unopposed vice-president up to president.)

When I originally posted my ten big ideas for ITE in 2012, Paula was one of the few directors on the international board to call me to talk about my ideas.  Our conversation was cordial and informative.  I could tell she “got it.”  Paula knows ITE needs to evolve and I believe she is one of the key players in the changes that have happened over the last year and a half.

I’m endorsing Paula Benway because I believe she is the candidate who will push ITE the hardest to evolve to the organization we need it to be.




  • So what are the odds on a conference call Q&A hosted by Mikeontraffic.com? Is it possible we could get some good debate and discussion going between the two candidates to see how they line up with members’ thoughts about the organization?

  • Adam – I would love that and I will look into it. As of two years ago, the ITE rules explicitly prohibited it. I found out there were discussions at ITE headquarters about whether or not it was even “legal” for me to endorse a candidate! Mike

  • That’s kind of funny considering the letter by Brian Bochner circulating on LinkedIn promoting Ray Davis. I’d much rather have an open, spirited debate based on substance than a handshake/insider campaign that leaves out the general member from actually KNOWING the candidates.

    I have never personally met or talked with Paula and would thoroughly enjoy getting a feel for her thoughts on the current (and future) direction of ITE.

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