February 10


We analyzed our 2013 sales at CountingCars.com and listened to customer feedback.  We’ve decided we’re going to change our pricing model for the PC-TAS software and COUNTpad count board.  Up until now we charged $2,000 for a PC-TAS site license and $750 for each COUNTpad.  Now each COUNTpad will be $999 and include the PC-TAS software.

This has the large benefit of reducing the COUNTkit 40 from $4,999 to $4,099 and the COUNTkit 120 from $5,999 to $5,099.  We want to make it easier for clients to get into our counting system.

We’re working on several new traffic counting products for 2014 to make it even easier and cheaper to collect 24 hour turning movement counts.  Better data = better analysis.  Stay tuned!

p.s.  If you’re already a PC-TAS owner, we realize this shift could actually be a little painful if you were on the verge of adding a couple of COUNTpads to your inventory.  Email Paul (sales@countingcars.com) and he’ll work something out for you.

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Mike Spack

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