August 31


PicoCount 2500 Issues Resolved

By Mike Spack

August 31, 2010

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A few weeks ago I posted a review of the PicoCount 2500 pneumatic traffic counter.  The folks at Vehicle Counts have figured out the issue and sent out the following recall notice.  I've been impressed with their customer service and am glad that they've tracked down the problems I wrote about.

have been getting reports of our PicoCount 2500 counters failing in the field.
 Upon receipt of these units we found that the battery had been drained.
 It has taken awhile, but we have finally traced the problem to improper
cleaning of the boards in assembly.  Trapped impurities were causing a
short inside the units which eventually drains the battery.  Since our
units are potted for life, the only solution is to replace the units affected
by this assembly mistake.  

condition applies to any units built prior to serial number 10051063.

units have been identified as the units from the bad run of assemblies.
 Even though the counters may be operating okay now, they could fail
without warning at any time.  We have built into the latest release of
TrafficViewer Pro a test of the counters that might give you a warning of an impending
failure, so at least you can catch it before putting it out for a study and
having it fail.

are in the process of replacing all units that are suspect of containing the
production flaw.  Simply send them to us and we will immediately replace
them.  Your units are covered by a 10 year warranty, this is a warranty
replacement, and the new units will continue your warranty.

apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate problem may have caused.

Rochat & Ian Rochat

  • Hey Mike,
    I was interested to know if you tested the CountBuddy on the MetroCount 5600 and what the results where?

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