June 8


PicoCount 4500 – Best Value 4-Channel Time Stamping Tube Counter

By Mike Spack

June 8, 2012

Jamar Apollyon Peek TimeMark IRD Diamond Traffic MetroCount

Pico 4500We're excited to announce the brand new PicoCount 4500.  I just got back from the TRB NATMEC conference (about data collection) and there was a lot of interest at our booth about it.  The one pound, $650 counter is the smallest, least expensive four channel counter on the market.  On top of that, it uses the latest time stamping technology.  This means we're more than 50% less expensive than the couple of comparable products currently on the market.  And all Pico Counters come with the FREE TrafficViewerPro processing software.

Email Nate at sales@countingcars.com if you're interested in pre-ordering the PicoCount 4500.  We're sending out our first shipment in about a week.

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