Pocket Guide to Bike Parking

I am excited to share Dero’s Pocket Guide to Bike Parking below.  Dero is a designer/manufacturer of bicycle infrastructure based near us in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They’re bicycling enthusiasts that travel the world looking for innovative bike ideas.  Like most great companies, they “scratch their own itch.”

The Pocket Guide to Bike Parking covers four important components to bike parking design (plus provides a lengthy list of further resources):

1.       What Makes a Good Bike Rack

2.       Space Requirements

3.       Choosing a Site

4.       Bike Parking Facilities

Dero has solid products and they’ve done a wonderful job with the Pocket Guide.   Traffic engineers, architects, and site designers should have this guide handy whenever working on a new site.

Download the PDF using this link:

Pocket Guide to Bike Parking

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