February 24


Pricing for TORUS Roundabouts 4.0

By Mike Spack

February 24, 2014

Roundabout, TORUS

Last, week I wrote about the TORUS software tool for designing roundabouts and asked if any readers had experience using it and/or pricing information.  Tammy Jo Fuller, PE, PTOE at CT Consultants, Inc sent me pricing information they received from Transoft about purchasing the TORUS software:

  1. TORUS 4.0 Software – New Single Standalone License for one Computer – $3,750.00
  2. TORUS MAP – $830.00
  3. AutoTURN Upgrade from 6.1 to 8.1 – $1,400.00
  4. AutoTURN MAP – $430.00
  5.  TOTAL – $6,410.00

Please note, this pricing is from last year and the above quote expired February of 2013.

Transoft told Tammy Jo that TORUS 4.0 requires AutoTURN 8.0 (or higher) for AutoCad, so they needed to upgrade from AutoTurn 6.1.  CT Consultants didn’t end up buying the TORUS license because they don’t do enough roundabout design to justify it, but Tammy Jo said they will definitely reconsider buying it if they start designing roundabouts.

Based on the above numbers, I think a firm could justify buying TORUS even if they only design a couple of roundabouts a year.

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