January 10


How to Remove an Unneeded Sign

By Mike Spack

January 10, 2017

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We all see signs in neighborhoods that probably aren’t needed (should you slow down because of children or are the children slow?).

This great tip was posted by Rick Perez (City of Federal Way, Washington) in the Institute of Transportation Engineers Traffic Engineering Council Newsletter:

“Do you have “Deaf Children” or “Blind Child” signs that have been installed for many years and don’t know how to “politically” remove them? Try what the City of Federal Way, Washington does and “bag” them for a few weeks. If no one calls to complain, then remove the unneeded sign. If someone calls to complain, you can explain that you were checking on the need for the sign because it had been in place for years. Usually, no one calls.”

Are you looking for more suggestions on dealing with common citizen requests? We’ve compiled a collection of tried and true processes and templates to respond to common citizen traffic requests. This go-to manual will shave hours off the time it takes to respond to traffic-related inquiries from the public, and help create consistent correspondence throughout your department. This comprehensive guide includes:

Step-by-Step Instructions. This eBook includes an easy to follow decision tree template for guiding how-best to respond to requests from citizens. Each chapter also includes detailed instructions on how manage the communication process.

Easy-to-Use Email Templates. We’ve created 29+ email templates that can easily be modified – saving valuable time instead of writing each email from scratch. Our templates also help departments create consistent correspondence when responding to the public.  Quickly respond to 15 common citizen requests including:

  • Stop Signs
  • Excessive Speeds
  • Cut Through Traffic
  • Truck Traffic
  • Special Interest Signs

…Plus 10 more common citizen requests!

engineer-guide-to-citizen-requests-270-x-4003 Specialty Templates.  We’ve also included templates to help you manage your activities and communications.

  • Record of Correspondence. Helps you keep a physical record of your correspondence.
  • Data Collection Sheet. A handy data collection sheet for recording field data.
  • Technical Memorandum. A convenient template for writing technical memorandums.

As an added bonus, this eBook includes 3 FREE Best Practices Guides

  1. Conducting Annual Street Audits
  2. Conducting Annual Traffic Signal Inspections
  3. Creating City Website Pages Related to Traffic Engineering

Not sure the guide is right for you? Download a free preview.



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