Results from MikeOnTraffic Survey

CaptureThank you to everyone who filled out my survey!  I think there's about a 10% response rate (cross-referencing the 107 responses against about 1500 weekly hits on the blog), which is pretty overwhelming for a purely voluntary survey.

The biggest takeaway for me is to keep writing and to actually post more.  Once I get the blog redesign done and launched, I'm committing to posting at least twice a week instead of just once a week.  I'm also going to write more about the projects I'm working on with lessons learned.

I received one comment saying I should lay off talking about ITE, but several comments encouraging me to keep going (one comment even said the ITE/profession posts are the best I've done).  ITE staff and leadership are talking a lot about evolving now – we'll see how much action results from that. I'll keep commenting on the evolution and providing my thoughts on ITE.

Here's a pdf of the anonymous survey results along with all of the comments, in case your interested to see the demographics of your fellow readers –
Download MikeOnTraffic.  Please comment below if you want to chat about anything in there.  

Lastly – thank you for telling your colleagues about MikeOnTraffic!  My goal is to double readership in the next twelve months and word of mouth is the best way to get there.


Mike Spack