September 25


Results from MikeOnTraffic Survey

By Mike Spack

September 25, 2013

CaptureThank you to everyone who filled out my survey!  I think there's about a 10% response rate (cross-referencing the 107 responses against about 1500 weekly hits on the blog), which is pretty overwhelming for a purely voluntary survey.

The biggest takeaway for me is to keep writing and to actually post more.  Once I get the blog redesign done and launched, I'm committing to posting at least twice a week instead of just once a week.  I'm also going to write more about the projects I'm working on with lessons learned.

I received one comment saying I should lay off talking about ITE, but several comments encouraging me to keep going (one comment even said the ITE/profession posts are the best I've done).  ITE staff and leadership are talking a lot about evolving now – we'll see how much action results from that. I'll keep commenting on the evolution and providing my thoughts on ITE.

Here's a pdf of the anonymous survey results along with all of the comments, in case your interested to see the demographics of your fellow readers –
Download MikeOnTraffic.  Please comment below if you want to chat about anything in there.  

Lastly – thank you for telling your colleagues about MikeOnTraffic!  My goal is to double readership in the next twelve months and word of mouth is the best way to get there.


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