November 3


Review of ITE’s New Recommended Practice – Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development

By Mike Spack

November 3, 2010

Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development Traffic Study

The Institute of Transportation Engineers' just published a Recommended Practice report titled Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development.  This is an update to the PROPOSED Recommended Practice published in 2006.  Both reports are worthwhile references for anyone involved in preparing traffic studies. 

The new version has the same table of contents and is the same length as the previous version.  I looked closely at all of the tables and figures, comparing each version side by side.  The only changes appear to be updating references to the Trip Generation report  to the 8th Edition published in 2008 (hence the minor tweak to Table 2-2).  I believe all of the other tables and figures are consistent between the two versions.

If you own the Proposed Recommended Practice, don't waste $35 buying the new version.  Simply cross out the word Proposed on the cover and replace Table 2-2 with the update below.

Table 2-2

  • Mike,
    I’m trying to get some “rule of thumb” numbers for the number of employees per square foot for Office uses, including HQ, R&D facilities, and educational facilities.
    Thanks Tim

  • Mike,
    I’m looking for guidance on mode share for proposed new developments, specifically for shopping centers. Would the Transportation Impact Analyses for Site Development have any guidance on this subject?

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