January 31


Review of ITE’s Promoting Sustainable Transportation Through Site Design

By Mike Spack

January 31, 2011

Traffic Impact Study Sustainable Site Design Promoting Sustainable Transportation Through Site Design

The Institute of Transportation Engineers published a recommended practice at the end of 2010 titled Promoting Sustainable Transportation Through Site Design (developed by the Canadian District of ITE, lead by the consultant the IBI Group).  The major theme running through the report is the idea of designing a site for all modes of travel (walking, cycling, transit, and carpooling in addition to the passenger car).  If you work for a government agency who approves site designs, I think the report is worth buying.  There is a lot of good information related to policies agencies could implement.

From an owner/site designer/transportation consultant perspective, a few figures from the report really highlight the worthwhile information.  I think the following five graphics capture most of the elements that should be thought through for specific development sites.

Relevance to Travel Mode

This figure is primarily for developments that serve as destinations (offices, commercial retail, civic uses, etc.), not origins (housing developments).  The figure shows how certain design elements impact each mode of transportation.


 Site Organization

This figure highlights how elements within a development should be oriented to foster effective multi-modal transportation.


Site Design

These figures shows specific site design elements that will enhance the multi-modal transportation system.




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