January 25


Review of Rapid Plan Software (for traffic control plans)

By Mike Spack

January 25, 2011

Rapid Plan Temporary Traffic Control Plan Traffic Design Software Traffic Study

RapidPlan Jodi Soper with Invarion let me know about their software package Rapid Plan – a standalone software package (it can be integrated with CAD or GIS software) used to create temporary traffic control plans.  I'd never heard of it.

When I started my career 15 years ago, I prepared a lot of signing/striping plans for roadway reconstruction projects.  I also prepared plans for detour signing and temporary traffic control plans for the contractors to follow while they were building the road. It's been years since I've done one of these plans though.

I was blown away while watching the demo.  It looks like this software would save at least 75% of the time I used to spend creating these types of plans. I'd be interested to hear from any current users of Rapid Plan (or competing products like Cone Zone).

I'm thinking about testing out the software for my traffic studies.  It looks like a quick way to show traffic control improvements on an engineered/to scale drawing.

Jodi told me they don't have set pricing, but work on a quote basis because they sell the software around the world and have different modules to represent local traffic control practices.  However she did tell me it costs less than AutoCAD, which my quick online search put at about $4,000 per license.  Jodi promised a great deal for me or you readers if we email her directly (jodi@rapidplan.com).  This is definitely a niche software, but I'm guessing it would have a very quick payback for a regular user.

  • I think that it looks like a good program but alot of plans that I see that use INVARION, SUCK… I draw my plans based off the CURRENT VIEW of Google Earth and utilizing Street View.
    INVARION may save you time on drawing the base, but since you cannot copy the base into AUTO CAD and then DRAW all your Traffic Control on that base, then what good is it…
    I use http://www.TRAFFICPLANSONLINE.com for my bases and then do the TC myself after they send me a base file…

  • It took me about a month to learn Rapid plan and its shortcuts, but once you get it down, its fast. Depending on the user aptitude of computers, this software is easier that Auto cad, Corel Draw.The scratchpad, the sign wizard and the easy to edit features are worth the price. It will pay for itself in the first year.

  • One more thing I forgot to mention, I’ve compared my plans to that of other users and I definately have better detail, and depending on the info I get form the contractor, I have the work area in the right place and approval from the municipality on the first submittal.

  • I have reviewed many software packages including the ones named within this review. I really believe that there is no easy fix or substitute for a human being. I rather have http://ET-Plans.com do all typical and engineered traffic plans (This all they do and are the complete package) they are truly reliable, quick and well worth it. Their plans are very professional and been approved on the first review.

  • I like it.. Used it at my previous job for 8 years. You can create and save custom items. Make your plans as generic or detailed as you like. Ask for a trial, watch the tutorial.. You can use screen shot imports.

  • Great product, been using for 7 years.
    Can create a simple lane closure in 10-15 minutes fully designed including road layer.
    Happy to produce any company with road layer design over an aerial any day, aerials are limiting for major projects having the road layer manipulated assists greatly with design and accuracy for onsite plans.

    Rapidplan has just updated and continues to change, they even added some of my suggestions.

    tmp.srmconsultants@gmail.com – send us an email to discuss how we can import your work life balance with fast and quality plans.

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