February 20


I sat through Trafficware's 45 minute TripGen Software webinar yesterday.  Here's a quick review so you can save yourself 42 minutes:

  • Trip Gen is the old Microtrans software that Trafficware purchased.
  • Updated with Trip Generation Manual, 8th and 9th Edition data.
  • Includes NCHRP 684 methodology for internal capture – nice add on.
  • Supposed to be released in March 2013.
  • No pricing available yet (this is lame – pricing was the main reason I logged into the webinar – hard to believe they're releasing a product in less than a month and they don't have the pricing figured out).
  • You buy the license – no cloud based annual pricing like OTISS.
  • Looks functional, but the interface looks like it was designed in the 1990's.
  • Doesn't appear that the user can drill into the dataset (i.e. limit by age or location).
  • IF it costs less than $500, it will be a better deal than using OTISS or buying the hard copy of the ITE Trip Generation Manual. 
  • Thanks for saving me 42 minutes. Something came up so I missed the webinar, and, just like you, a major reason I wanted to see the webinar was cost information.

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