August 5


Micah commented on one of my blogs asking how Minnesotan’s are reacting to roundabouts.  At the time I said it wasn’t much of a news story.  I stand corrected.  Here is a link from an article in today’s Star and Tribune.  Highlights:

  • Safety benefits of roundabouts are tracking national trends – mostly fender benders, not injury crashes.
  • Motorists are somewhat confused about driving in roundabouts, especially two lane roundabouts.

This is great publicity, but we need more.  I wish the Department of Public Safety would undertake an education campaign on how to drive a roundabout. 

Tangent – I haven’t been able to track down if roundabout driving is being taught in driver’s ed classes.  Does anyone know if it is? 

  • I agree, I think an education campaign would be a great help. Experience driving roundabouts makes a huge difference. Although not an option for most drivers training locations, having a behind-the-wheel roundabout experience would be great for a young driver. It will become even more important as the number of roundabouts continues to rise.

  • I did some research investigating if roundabout driving is being taught in driver’s ed classes here in Oregon and it appears as if it is. The Oregon Driver Manual 2007-2009 Edition has a section, albeit small, on how to handle a roundabout. This leads me to believe that it is taught in driver’s ed classes. Here is a link to the ODM and the roundabout section is located on page 50.

  • Hi,
    Most states require that teenagers fulfill two requirements in order to get a driver’s license: a classroom driver education program and behind-the-wheel driver training. Thanks for sharing.

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