May 11


The University of Minnesota has a multi-disciplined team competing in the Acara Challenge '10.  From the Acara Institute's website – "The Acara Challenge is a competition. The intent of the competition
is to develop business plans for a sustainable business that addresses
the subject of the challenge. During the Acara Challenge '09, the topic
was providing clean
water to the slums of Mumbai. For the Challenge '10, the topics are: one
focused on water and one focused on energy for cooking."

In March I gave a presentation at the U of MN that was recorded and distributed as a video lecture to all of the Acara student teams.  Each team needs to present their ideas to a panel as part of the competition and the U of MN's mentors thought my presentation would be helpful for the students (this is a presentation on how to give a Technical Presentation, which I've been giving to my capstone students at the U of MN over the last four years). 

Traffic engineers give more presentations than most other types of engineers.  Its very important we learn to communicate effectively.  If you have time, I hope you'll watch the 45 minute video below (or on  I've received good feedback on it and I hope you can learn from it.

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