December 20


Based on encouragement from ITE members around the world, I've decided to try to be part of the solution instead of just grumbling from the sidelines.  

The first step – I need you to sign the online petition HERE to add me to the ballot.

I've setup a new blog that will be devoted to my campaign for ITE's 2014 International Vice President –  Read about why I'm running and about my platform here.

Also, I apologize to my loyal readers who aren't ITE members.  The regularly scheduled programming will be back next week….



p.s.  The second step – I need your support!  Please encourage your colleagues and friends who are ITE members to sign the petition.  


  • Mike, I am a big fan of your blog and thoughts on transportation/traffic engineering. I’d love to see someone like you working to keep ITE moving forward in the future. That’s why i signed your petition. #10 on the list and hopefully lots more signatures coming. Good Luck!

  • Chris,
    Thanks for your support! I hope you’ll do a little recruiting for me too – it’s going to take some work to get the required signatures.

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    Mike Spack

    My mission is to help traffic engineers, transportation planners, and other transportation professionals improve our world.

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