May 2


Signal Knock-Down Solution – Adapt a Pole System

By Mike Spack

May 2, 2011

Traffic Signal Knock Down Adapt A Pole

It's an unfortunate realty that folks drive off the road and knock down traffic signal poles.  One pedestal pole by my house has been knocked over twice in the last five years. 

James Knaub sent me a quick email letting me know about their new Adapt A Pole base system, which looks like a useful product to help technicians get a signal pole back in place quickly.  The plate gives flexibility so the bolt pattern on the replacement pole wouldn't have to match the bolt pattern on the foundation. 

Here's a quick demonstration video.  I'm curious to hear if anyone has used this product.


  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Engineers are going to be looking at this for consideration the week of May 16, 2011. This could be the next “big thing” to come along. This will pay for itself in labor and materials with every use. If we can get it spec’d as an approved product, knockdowns can easily turn into a couple hour repair, instead of “one call”, digging, temporary pole installation, wire lengthening, guy installations, then everything in reverse 6 months later when the new replacement poles arrive. I’ll keep you all posted and plan on advertising in the IMSA Journal.
    We are currently developing a Hydraulic Anchor Bolt Straightener as well. We are naming it “The Big Easy”…so easy and “controlled” that a little girl can “cold bend” up to a 2″ Anchor Bolt, effortlessly!
    I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the entry.
    Dave Knaub
    VSE Engineered Products

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