January 26


Spack Solutions Manifesto

By Mike Spack

January 26, 2021

by Mike Spack, PE, PTOE | Founder & CEO of Spack Solutions

Fatal car crashes impacted both sides of my family.  My Mom's grandfather was killed on University Avenue walking to church.  My Mom's uncle Charles heard the crash from their house and was the first on the scene, holding his father as he died.

My Dad's uncle was driving a delivery truck down a steep, icy road in Duluth during the Great Depression and saw kids sledding at the bottom of the hill.  He swerved to avoid them and the truck exploded in the crash.  My teenage grandfather identified his brother's charred remains.

Crashes became personal in adulthood.  My wife Jane went to Iowa from Minneapolis to visit friends and show off our baby Maria.  She spun out on an icy I-35 and was hit from behind by a semi-truck.  Amazingly, the crumpled Jeep Liberty and Graco car seat kept my family safe.

While working as a staff traffic engineer for Maple Grove, I investigated improving one of our rural county road intersections after two sisters driving to high school were hit by a semi-truck.  The older sister mistimed her gap at the stop sign and turned left in front of the semi.  The little sister was decapitated while the older sister in the driver's seat survived with minor injuries.  I can't imagine how the older sister dealt with seeing her younger sister.  The skewed intersection contributed to the crash with its short sightlines and I wish I would have fixed it.

I am on a mission.  Spack Solutions exists to help tame congestion and eliminate traffic fatalities.  We do this by providing traffic counting equipment and services to agencies and their consultants/contractors.  That data is used to analyze traffic patterns and improve transportation infrastructure.  I am grateful for each of our 3,200+ clients who have partnered with us since 2001 to tame congestion and save lives in every U.S. State and 73+ countries.

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Mike Spack

My mission is to help traffic engineers, transportation planners, and other transportation professionals improve our world.

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