October 4


A couple of folks have emailed me wondering if we have a spreadsheet for turning movement count data.  Something to copy/paste (or manually enter) turning movement counts into that then gives you peak hour volumes and peak hour factors.  It turns out we do and they have been happy when we shared our spreadsheet with them.  

Here it is –
Download TMC Report Template.  (This seems to download fine with Firefox and Chrome, but something is off with Exporer.  Email me at mspack@spackconsulting if you're having problems and I'll send it to you directly.)  Feel free to download it/use it/modify it.  Hit print preview to see what the two page report looks like.

p.s.  I'm also getting emails about the 9th Edition of ITE's Trip Generation.  We placed our oder a few months ago and expect to get our copy anytime now.  I plan on posting a lot of details about it……

  • I got the new ITE Trip Generation 9th Edition Manual today. I’m pretty disappointed since I thought they were adding hourly distributions to more land uses. Overall it doesn’t seem like much of an improvement over the 8th edition, although it is nice they added a Data Center land use since they are building those all over the place now.

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