November 13


Sppa_logo The St. Paul Port Authority is redeveloping 3M's former 46 acre campus on the east side of St. Paul (read about it on the Port Authority's site here).  This is in line with their mission of assembling and cleaning up polluted and/or underutilized inner-city land.  Typically the Port Authority sells the cleaned up parcels to expansion minded businesses for $1.  The Port Authority works hard to create jobs on the east side of the Twin Cities.

We've been hired to do a traffic study for the redevelopment.  We'll be analyzing two development scenarios (+/- 700,000 square feet of new buildings along with the potential reuse of some existing buildings) and determining the traffic impacts of the redevelopment on about 30 intersections.

This is a great project for all involved and I'm excited to be part of it.  I always enjoying working in St. Paul – I was an intern with City while I was in college.

  • Great job on getting awarded the project! I am sure there was a lot of time and effort spent on preparing a proposal. Sounds like a big project also!

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