July 9


Eworkplace logo I heard a radio ad a few days ago for something called eWorkPlace Minnesota.  I checked out their website and signed up for free assistance.  We run a very flexible schedule at Traffic Data Inc and Spack Consulting, but I wanted to see what they were about.  I had already read Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It about the results only work environment started at Best Buy.

Kathy from eWorkPlace called me back and confirmed I am already well setup.  She explained their campaign is a component of the Urban Partnership Agreement project in the Twin Cities.  Basically, Mn/DOT and the Metropolitan Council are trying to reduce congestion along I-35W and Highway 77 in the southern portion of the metropolitan area without adding normal lanes to the highways.  They have a large federal grant and the state has contributed matching funds.

One of the goals of the project is to remove 2,700 peak hour trips per week through telecommuting.  That is where eWorkPlace comes in.  It is an advertising campaign that is trying to convince employers of the economic benefits of telecommuting and flexible work schedules.  They feel employees are already enthusiastic about this.  The hurdle is convincing the employers and managers to do it.  Behind the advertising campaign are several HR and IT consulting services to help transition companies into telecommuting. 

In exchange for the free consulting, companies need to commit to and track their peak hour work trip reductions.  This is how the Urban Partnership Agreement project will track if they meet their 2,700 goal or not.

Help spread the word in the Twin Cities.  eWorkPlace Minnesota makes a good business case for transitioning your company or organization to a more flexible work schedule.

  • This is amazing that Minnesota is so forward thinking about quality of work/life balance while saving the planet. I am interested in working from home. Is there an employment section to search and apply to the companies you have signed on? Thank you. cathysienkaniec@gmail.com

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