January 6


insights-mapStreetlytics is a mapping tool that provides detailed historical traffic data across the United States broken down by:

  • Daily traffic volumes
  • Peak hour traffic volumes
  • Traffic volumes by demographics of households (age, income, size)
  • Road saturation index
  • Travel type, including origin and destination pairs

Their service appears to aggregate publicly available data.  They don’t cover the whole United States yet (2 million miles of road across 68 cities, but not in Minnesota), but I hope they will.  Streetlytics has the potential to be an amazing clearing house of historical traffic data for retail business planners, transportation planners, and traffic engineers.  Especially folks who work across a large geographic area.

ITE buying Streetlytics (or developing a partnership) would be a huge step towards making ITE more relevant.  Right now, the Trip Generation Manual is the single largest benefit ITE provides for its members and the world at large.  Expanding into being a traffic data clearing house would greatly expand ITE’s role as the hub for traffic data.

I would like to see ITE use a “freemium” business model.  Be the aggregator for historical daily traffic volume data that everyone could access.  But then put the fine grained, searchable dataset behind a wall for members to access.  This would make ITE more relevant to the general public and also be a large motivator for all U.S. based transportation professionals to join ITE.

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Mike Spack

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