October 17


By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE

Starting MikeOnTraffic in 2007 seemed very cutting edge at the time, but blogs became commonplace, and there have been several online innovations since then.  Our mission at Spack Enterprises is to “Improve Transportation Globally”, so we routinely think about how we can reach more people or share our knowledge more effectively.  I’ve dabbled with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn but nothing has proven to be as effective as the good old blog.

Until last year.

We decided to try webinars last year and created Traffic Corner Tuesday.  It is not replacing MikeOnTraffic, but Traffic Corner Tuesday has proven to be a great way for us to go deeper on a topic and interact with our community.

[Register for Traffic Corner Tuesday Webinars]

We ramped up to doing one to two webinars per month that are routinely attracting 75 – 100 companies. (we know many offices set up our webinar in a conference room and have a group listening in).  Plus we’re getting several hundred views of the webinar recording afterward.

Reaching this many people is a success, but what has made the webinars an even bigger success is the interaction we’re getting with the audience online. I always learn something from the Question/Answer sessions.  We have a special community that likes to share our knowledge and is unafraid to ask questions.

We’ve done 20 webinars now, and they’re all freely available on our YouTube Channel.  Check out our most popular webinars:

  1. 85th Percentile Speeds
  2. Are Roundabouts a Silver Bullet to Traffic Issues?
  3. Permanent vs. Temporary Traffic for Recurring Events

Register here, if you want to attend a future Traffic Corner Tuesday session,

It’s our 10th Anniversary – But the Gifts are for You!

In our continuing celebration of turning 10, we’ve put together a new free guide for you: 10 Common Traffic Related Site Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Each week in October, we will be offering free and discounted items for our readers.  Here’s this week’s gifts for you.

Free Traffic Video Count. Attend a COUNTcloud demo in October and receive a free traffic video count. COUNTcloud is our traffic video processing service. It’s easy-to-use, and affordable. And the best part…there are no contacts to use our service!

FREE Guides: Download three of our most popular engineering (as rated by our readers!)

  1. Roundabout Primer
  2. Drive-through Queue Generation Report
  3. 16 Ways Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Land Developments

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Mike Spack

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