Traffic Corner Tuesday

Traffic Corner Tuesdays are free 30-minute traffic engineering best practices webinars. The seasoned traffic engineers at Spack Consulting, a sister company of Mike On Traffic, share their expertise on through case studies and traffic engineering best practices.

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85th Percentile Speeds
Everybody seems to have an opinion on speed limits, and it’s not just engineers. Whether unwritten rules (like it’s OK to drive up to 10 mph over the posted limit on freeways), how local agencies may use strict enforcement of low-speed limits as revenue, or who is responsible for setting the limit, how the posted speed limit is set and handled creates strong opinions. Join our discussion as we examine:

  • Three key parts of setting speed limits — posted, design, and operating
  • Different ways states or countries handle their speed limits


Are Roundabouts a Silver Bullet to Traffic Issues?
Compared to traffic signals and all-way stop control intersections, roundabouts can provide improved safety at least in terms of reduced severe crashes, higher capacity for the peak periods, and less delay in off-peak times. But roundabouts have drawbacks too and are not appropriate for every situation. Join us in a discussion of roundabouts to include:

  • Advantages compared to other types of control
  • Public opinion and ways to educate your community
  • Our approach to roundabout feasibility studies

Permanent vs. Temporary Traffic Control for Recurring Events
This webinar provides insights on what the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices recommends for the removal of signals, benefits, and issues associated with removing signals, and shares a case study from the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico who is experimenting with the removal of a variety of signals in their city.