The Secret of Traffic Counting on a Budget

Announcing the New $999 COUNTcam MINI

I’m excited to announce our new COUNTcam MINI!   – the industry’s smallest, traffic counting video system.

  • Record multiple days – up to 50 hours of videoIMG_0912
  • Easy setup – typically less than five minutes to deploy
  • Carry 50 COUNTcams in your van.  It’s the smallest traffic counting camera on the market at about 2 pounds and 5 inches cubed
  • Quick turnover – takes less than five hours to fully charge with our smart charger
  • It’s by far the least expensive traffic counting video camera on the market at $999

Click Here to Learn More About the COUNTcam MINI

We’ve come a long way since launching our 50 pound COUNTcam 120 four years ago.  We’ve been refining our COUNTcams since we started in 2011 and our switch to lithium-ion batteries/proprietary recording system has been a huge leap forward this year.  I’m almost embarrassed by our first products.

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