January 8


2010 TDI Price List I've posted our new price list at www.trafficdatainc.com.  Unlike most data collection firms, we post our price list for the whole world to see (it's valid for the seven county area around Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota – quotes will be provided for projects outside of this area).  I've found my clients appreciate using our standard prices in their proposals.  That way they don't have to call me for an individual quote every time they put together a traffic study proposal – its a win-win for both of us.

I'm going to be stopping in at my regular client's to handout hardcopies and explain the price list.  We've changed our structure in three notable ways –

  1. We used to do turning movement counts based on whether we thought one or two people would need to do the count in the field.  This led to a bunch of guesswork.  I've switched the pricing for turning movement counts to be based on the type of traffic control (stop signs, signals, or roundabouts) at the intersection.  I believe this makes our pricing system even clearer.
  2. As I've blogged about several times, we have Miovision's video system.  This allows us to collect video of the intersection and we are now offering that as part of our pricing system.
  3. I've added several low level traffic technician services.  If you get swamped, we'll work as an extension of your staff by providing field data or building your synchro network.  We'll also do warrant analysis for you.  I don't think there will be a lot of demand for this in the current economy, but I think it will allow traffic engineers to do more work without adding staff as the development economy picks up.
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