December 30


Traffic Data Inc 2015 Price List

By Mike Spack

December 30, 2014

Data Collection, minnesota, wisconsin

Below is Traffic Data Inc’s data collection price list for 2015.  Please note, we’re not focused on being a nationwide data collection firm but are happy to work on projects in the Midwest (especially Minnesota and Wisconsin).

We provide this price list to our clients so they can plug in our pricing without needing to contact us for a quote on every potential project.  I highly recommend data collection firm’s develop a standard rate sheet too.  It’s saved us and our clients a lot of time and I don’t think we’ve lost very many projects based on price either.

One big thing with our 2015 pricing is that we’ve significantly dropped our longer duration turning movement count prices.  We’ve done well in nudging our marketplace from collecting 2-hour peak period turning movement counts in the a.m. and p.m. to collecting 13 hour long turning movement counts from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.   I’m hoping to nudge our region to 24 hour movement counts with our new pricing and I think the industry should strive for at least 48-hour turning movement counts.

2015 TDI Price List_001

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