February 9


The stuff we put on the side of the road is ugly.  Sometimes there is a reason for the ugliness (yellow is more visible), but often there isn't.  Here is a photo from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada (thank you Margaret Gibbs of Opus International Consultants). 
Floral cabinet

Here is a You Tube Video of the Signal Art Program in North Richland Hills, TX (thanks Scott Booker of Campbell Technology Corporation).  I
applaud the folks in New Westminster and North Richland Hills for turning an ugly silver traffic
signal cabinet into a work of art.  What other traffic engineering
structures could be beautified?

  • ugly (to some extent) does not distract drivers. a beautiful moose on the side make the driver slow down on I-95 and take pictures.

  • The covering is a gloss anti graffiti vinyl, and has reduced the amount of graffiti on controllers. It is also much easier to clean off graffiti.
    The program was initiated to address graffiti issues but had the additional benefit with the beautification.
    A so called Win,Win

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