June 13


Back in 2010 I wrote about pricing out a traffic study so developers could check the reasonableness of quotes they're getting from their engineer.  The economy seems to be rebounding and pricing has shifted away from the cut-throat days of a few years ago.  Here's an updated pricing matrix based on current trends I'm seeing in the Midwest - 

Unit Prices for Costing a Traffic Study 


Unit Price

Data Collection (per intersection)



13 Hour Counts (w/ stop signs)



13 Hour Hour Counts (w/ signals)



PM Peak Hour Counts Only (w/ stop signs)



PM Peak Hour Counts Only (w/ signals)






Study Intersections in the PM Peak Hour - per intersection



If Second Study Peak Hour (such as AM) – per intersection



Land Uses – per land use



Forecast Years – per future scenario



Document Preparation (produce one or the other)


Memorandum: Fee = 15% of data + analysis total cost


Full Report: Fee = 30% of data + analysis total cost









TOTAL FEE = Sum of Each Line Item (Quantity x Unit Price)




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