February 18


upswingBrent Hislop at the Synergy Land Group puts together a great summary of  housing market trends every quarter — covering both National and Twin Cities trends.  His Summary of Housing Forecasts & Report – Spring 2014 Edition takes about five minutes to digest and I strongly recommend you take a quick look if your work is at all tied to development (I think the recession taught us our whole industry is tied development, some aspects more directly than others).

We’ve counted/video recorded almost 100 intersections in the last month (a record for us this time of year).  We’re proposing on a lot of traffic studies.  We’ve done studies for several apartment towers in downtown Minneapolis in the last year.  We just finished our first study for a 250+ lot subdivision in the last five years.  And sales are going great at CountingCars.com.

The data Brent summarizes backs up what I’m experiencing – we’re out of the recession.  I’ve actually felt like that for about a year and a half, but I’m finally trusting that the rebound is real and we’re not going to slide back.  All of the consultants I talk to express similar feelings.

I hope you’re experiencing similar business trends.

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