August 11


New Traffic Signal & Stop Sign Warrants Spreadsheet

By Mike Spack

August 11, 2015

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Warrants Analysis - Volume Warrants 1 to 3.xlsx_001When Bryant Ficek came to work for Spack Consulting last year he brought a basic, easy to use traffic warrants spreadsheet for quickly doing traffic signal and all-way stop sign warrants per the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Up until then, we’ve used and even sold the nice $695 PC-Warrants software package.

A client of ours couldn’t afford PC-Warrants and asked us if we knew of a spreadsheet program.  We ended up cleaning up the basic spreadsheet and selling it to him (it does all-way stop sign warrants and signal warrants 1 through 3, which covers 99% of the scenarios we’ve dealt with).  Any of you could build this spreadsheet in 30 to 40 hours, but we’ve decided to give you a shortcut and are selling it for $149.

To reward my loyal readers, go to the checkout at Spack Academy to buy the Warrants Spreadsheet and type in MikeOnTraffic in the coupon code to get the spreadsheet for $99 (good until August 31, 2015)!

Click here to learn more.

And here’s a 3 minute video tutorial on how the spreadsheet works (including on how to enable edits so you can remove our logos and add your own) –

[youtube id=”h7hLd4OY1vw”]

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