December 20


Traffic TechThe Florida DOT has a training program to teach their technicians how to collect data, quality control check it, and enter the data into their database/GIS system.  They train about 60 folks a year.  After about three years of offering this training course, FDOT prepared a report that analyzed the effectiveness of this class.  I have to admit, this sounds a lot more intense than the on the job training I put my folks through.

The report goes through "competency modeling" to assess what these technicians should know and then lays out a plan to appropriately train them.  The whole process is fascinating and looks like it could be applied to any training curriculum. Traffic techs and their employers should scan through the report.

I applaud FDOT for taking a step back to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of what they do.  If I worked at a large agency or firm, I would want them to evaluate employee performance and training in a similar manner.

p.s.  Thanks Don Gettner for sending this over.

  • Data collection have a big role in business and many of services in different places around the world like Finland do things like this.It is really good to here that there are many training about it.In part of Finland many of data collection trainee are now very professional and helpful to enhance the customer satisfaction which business really like.

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