May 23


Trans-Plan Inc plagiarizes by Copying

By Mike Spack

May 23, 2011

Trans-Plan Inc. plagiarizes Shadi Hagag of Trans-Plan Inc is a thief The Transportation Gazette plagiarizes

HunWen Westman (a friend of mine at Kimley-Horn) just alerted me to a blog post on the Transportation Gazette (the blog of Trans-Plan Inc)that reminded her of one of my posts.  Look for yourself –

They didn't even bother to update my links!  I know I'm supposed to be flattered by being copied, but I'm actually pretty pissed off.  I dug for 30 more seconds and found another copy –

I don't want to keep digging because I don't want to figure out they built their whole blog by stealing from me.  I'll let you decide if you should follow Shadi Hagag at Trans-Plan.  I hope you'll continue to come to MikeOnTraffic to read the original.



  • That’s sad. Very unprofessional.
    On a side note, I’m thinking of just downloading your blog, putting my picture and name on it (hey the find/replace function is great for that) and adding to my web page as my own. That’s okay right?
    Seriously though, I have really enjoyed some of your articles and spreadsheets you have provided on your blog. Keep up the great work.

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