May 13


Paniati - ITE Executive DirectorITE President John Kennedy just announced Jeff Paniati has been named the new Executive Director of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  According to the press release, Jeff has been involved with ITE for most of his 32 year career and FHWA is recognized as having a very good work environment.

I don’t know Mr. Paniati and I haven’t heard anything about him (good or bad).  With his background, it’s safe to assume he will be able to maintain ITE’s identity in the industry and in Washington DC in particular – probably even strengthen ITE’s position within the industry.

Time will tell if he’s up to modernizing ITE (you can reread my ideas for changing ITE from my 2012 post).  An encouraging sign that he’s part of the 21st century landscape is that he has 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

Mr. Paniati – congratulations on your new job and welcome to the Institute!  Your members are rooting for you!


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