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Documenting the Effectiveness of Travel Demand Management Measures

By Mike Spack

March 31, 2016

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A number of  years ago we conducted a study documenting the effectiveness of travel demand management (TDM) plans in reducing peak hour traffic generation and peak parking demand in six office complexes in Minnesota. We’ve since updated and expanded that study.

The study analyzed traffic and parking at nine sites in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area of Minnesota. We were able to conduct 24 hour counts at the sites with our COUNTcam system (we reduced 648 hours of video taken at site driveways).

Download the study here – TDM Plan Effectiveness Study.

TDM Plan Effectivess

Findings and Recommendations

  • Compared to Institute of Transportation Engineers’ average data rates, this study found office buildings that implemented TDMP Plans generate, on average, 34% to 37% less traffic and need 17% to 24% less parking on site.
  • These results are similar to the 27% to 37% traffic and 11% to 21% parking reductions found in 2009.
  • It is recommended transportation professionals use these finding in two ways:
    • Encourage employers to implement TDM Plans.
    • Reduce trip and parking generation appropriately in Traffic Impact Studies if developments are implementing TDM.
  • For development Traffic Impact Studies conducted in the Minneapolis Twin Cities region – trip generation should be reduced by 30% and peak parking generation should be reduced by 15% for office developments that will be implementing TDM plans. It is expected that TDM Plans will yield similar reductions in different regions, but that should be corroborated with location specific data similar to this study.

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