October 19


PhotoWe received our copy of ITE's report Trip Generation, 9th Edition.  One of my earliest posts described trip generation and the report.  I did a follow-up post about the 8th Edition and we put out a spreadsheet with a bunch of the data, which was very popular but ITE asked us to remove it.

The 9th Edition has some nice features.  Here are the biggest changes:

  • More data, but there are still a lot of data-sets that have the small sample size warning.
  • Added ten new land uses.
  • Added hourly distributions for some of the land uses.  This is a big plus.
  • Includes the Trip Generation Handbook, 2nd Edition so you no longer have to buy that separately to get the pass-by/diverted trip data.

The 9th Edition is an improvement over the 8th, but it's not a quantum leap forward.  I still need to test out and give you a review of OTISS.

Probably the biggest change I'd like to see in a future edition is a new methodology for internal capture rates.  The methodology in the Handbook is pretty convoluted and based on a small data set.  There is better data floating out there.

Also – stay tuned.  In the next couple of weeks I'll be posting about the actual changes to the data.  We're using the 8th Edition spreadsheet ITE made us remove, creating a worksheet with 9th Edition data, and creating a worksheet the does the math on the changes.  

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