Using SimCity in Transportation Planning Curriculum

SimCity with no Congestion“If you’re having traffic problems I feel bad for your son/I’m a traffic engineer and I made you a guide.”  That’s the lead in to the post How To Traffic about how a traffic engineer built a SimCity that has no congestion.  He did it by applying generally accepted transportation planning practices.

I helped teach the civil engineering capstone class at the University of Minnesota for about five years.  We took pride in having the students work on current design projects that practicing engineers brought in.  The students got to apply the theory they learned in the program to fix a real world issue.

By their nature, it’s hard to develop a transportation planning project where the students can apply theory.  Building a SimCity to certain specifications and measuring the congestion levels could be a great way to teach traffic engineering/transportation planning students the basics of how a transportation network operates.

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One thought on “Using SimCity in Transportation Planning Curriculum

  1. That game is actually “Cities: Skylines.” By coincidence, I’ve been playing it for a couple of days: seems pretty sweet so far.