February 21


CaptureFirst off, I need to congratulate ITE on significantly improving the ITE Journal.  I like the new format and the articles are more useful/interesting.

A great example is the recent article Technology as a Tool for Designing Roundabouts.  Chris Johns, a professional writer (and I assume contractor) put this well written article together.  I found this article especially informative because I don’t keep up on CAD — I don’t do final design anymore.

The TORUS Roundabouts software package from Transoft sounds phenomenal.  Basically, put in the design vehicle and turning radius, then TORUS provides a pre-designed roundabout you can drop in at your intersection (compatible with Microstation and AutoCad).  Then you can make modifications to your roundabout and it keeps iterating the design calculations to help you stay within the fastest path standards.

I love using tools that make our process more efficient.  Does anyone out there have any firsthand experience with TORUS they can share?  I’m also curious how much it costs.

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