July 20


I sat in at the PTV user's group meeting on Wednesday and heard more about Vistro.  Below is a screenshot that will give you a feel for the software.  The graphical input on the left is tied into Bing maps (or a user input image if you prefer) and the data is largely entered in tables on the right.  The table can be split from the image, which will be great for those of us who use dual monitors.  Drawing in the road network looks simpler than Synchro (which I consider easy).

Jon Lawler commented about diverted/pass-by trips and re-routing existing trips.  From the presentation, it looked like those issues are addressed.  Just not sure how user friendly those functions will be.

Hopefully Karen will share more screenshots, especially those related to the output tables and figures.  I'll share more info as soon as I can.  I hope to get one of the first licenses and will definitely keep you up to date on our use.  Karen mentioned pricing will be in the $3,000 range per license.  You should contact her at PTV America for exact pricing.


  • This format is still based on auto-dominated environment. Is there anything for multimodal systems? In Toronto, more than half of trips completed by walking,cycling, transit, particularly in urban core and midtown area. Auto only represent 25% in Toronto downtown i.e. this format does not provide solutions for other 75%. Is it even ethical to ignore 75% of popolation for engineers/planners? I hope there is clear answer for these critical issues instead deleting any issues related to multimodal posting.

  • Hi Dewan,

    Your comment slipped through my system since you’re commenting on a two year old post. The Highway Capacity Manual does have a multi-modal chapter, but Vistro (and no other software I’m aware of) have implemented it yet. I’ve repeatedly asked PTV for it to be included in Vistro.


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